EzGigi – Orthodontics & Dental Booking Platform

EzGigi is a platform specialized indental needs of patients. It has useful articles written byDentists and doctors to help guidepatients on their dental needs.It also allows the patient to book theappointment with doctors and chatwith clinics directly from platform.

Aphasia Therapy System

Aphasia apps was developed incollaboration with UTM research anddevelopment center. These apps helpaphasia patients perform the therapyexercises on mobile app from the comfortof their home.It also helps hospital doctors to monitorthe progress of therapy of patients fromaphasia web portal.

Oval Digital Business Card Platform

Oval System is Digital Business Card Platform for Corporate and Individual businesses. It allows the user to create individual profile and customize the design, and sections in profile such as contact widgets, profile info, bio, social media and so on.It…